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What is distance education or distance learning?
Distance Education (DE), also known as Distance Learning (DL), implies learning from a distance, usually from home or from an off-campus site. It allows you to earn college credits, or entire degrees, without leaving home.

Can I earn a Degree Online?
The level of degree or certificate that you can earn through online distance learning depends on the school and particular field in which you are interested. There are programs available for degrees at the Associate, Baccalaureate, Master, and Doctorate levels, as well as professional certificate programs and Continuing Education Units.

What technology do I need for online distance learning?
As the name suggests, the most important thing is to be online. You should have a computer, accessing the Internet and its various resources via some type of connection (dialup, T1, ADSL, etc.). Schools have different technological requirements for the online courses they offer. You will have to ask your school about them, but it would hardly require any special equipment or IT knowledge that you do not already use in your everyday computer work. You will most likely also need a printer for your own convenience, a sound card and speakers for lectures delivered as real-time video over the Internet, a word processor, a web browser, an e-mail program, and instant messenger.

Are your online degrees accredited?
We only list programs that hold proper accreditation and licensing.

What types of learning opportunities can I find on your website?
Our database contains online distance learning opportunities.

Where can I find online courses on your website?
You can go directly to the list of online courses by clicking on the respective link in the main menu. Or you can search by subject and degree types using our search tool.

Where can I find information about online degrees on your website?
You can go directly to the list of online degrees by clicking on the respective link in the main menu. Or you can search by subject and degree types using our search tool.

Is there a free tutorial or learning site?
The idea of free online courses is very common. It is true that there is a wide pool of free tutorials and education sites but they are basically textual resources. They would rarely have graphics or multimedia, and lack the human aspect of instruction and discussion.

What schools do you recommend?
We do not recommend particular schools or learning providers. The variety of courses, programs and personal interests is enormous. You know what you need best, so do a thorough research. Compare offerings and use our request forms to get information from those schools that interest you.

What kind of online distance learning is best for me?
There are different types of online distance learning such as asynchronous/synchronous, instructor-led, web-based instruction and mentor supported. Each type may use a combination of delivery and collaboration technologies such as threaded discussion, video, virtual classrooms, etc. It is up to you to decide which one fits best your learning style and situation.

How do I sign up for courses?
We do not provide online distance learning opportunities, but merely information about establishments that do. You will receive more particular information through our request forms.

How much do online courses cost?
Costs differ from school to school. Usually it is less expensive to learn online from a distance than in a traditional face-to-face setting. To find current pricing on any learning opportunity listed on our site, please refer directly to the learning provider's website or request information through our forms.

Can I request more information from schools?
You can and you should. We can only provide a limited amount of information on the thousands of courses and degrees offered by our partners. It is best for you once you have chosen several schools, to request more detailed information from them through our request forms.

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